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Check with Mrs. Hering for this year's Discus password.

 For password sensitive resources, please use your district username & password.  Others are not password sensitive.  Have an idea for a resource others may like?  Let me know and I'll add it to this list!

Enhance Your Teaching: Learning with Web 2.0 Resources

Introduction to Tech15

Tech 15  is a YouTube channel  created by Dr. Heather Moorefield-Lang of the University of North Carolina Greensboro and she is one of my personal ed tech gurus; her focus is emergent technology.  Subscribe! You'll find no shortage of ideas to use in your classroom!

Writing Sparks: Great Writing Prompts for Students

Digital & Information Literacy

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Created by Jenny Denan & Adapted from: "Evaluating Information - Applying the CRAAP Test." Meriam Library, California State University Chico 

Teach your older grades students how to tell the difference between real & fake news with this fun game. 

 In this age of growing information availability, information and digital literacy skills are more important than ever before.  It takes all of us to teach students how to be 21st century learners and digital citizens.
Find free fair-use photos with appropriate attributions.  Creative CommonsPhotos for ClassPixabay, & Pexels are all great sites to find quality, fair-use photos. 

Troubleshooting your R1 Technology

Let's Face it...

Let's face it.   Technology can be both a blessing and a headache.  Here you'll find a link to submit Help Desk tickets and some Office365 helps.  Click on the icon to the leftto submit a SchoolDude ticket.  

If you think of something to add that might benefit other staff, please let me know and we'll create a video. 
The number for the Help Desk is 803.231.7436. 

Office 365 Helps

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